Everyone Loves a Good Before & After!

Each time I take a photo, I look at about five to seven different things to make that photo perfect. I'm always looking to see if my photo is exposed properly (Camera talk for if the lighting is right in camera) but I'm also taking a second to make sure sunglasses are off, hair isn't messed up or if people are looking at the camera!

I think I've only posted before and afters maybe once on my Instagram stories!


Ashton reached out for some graduation photos and they turned out amazing!

Sweet in-home newborn photos for miss Adaline

Family photos of the Wingate boys and their lovely mother!

Senior photos of Gavin this spring were just what he needed before graduating in May!

This photo was taken in harsh light and exceeded my exceptions! How gorgeous, am I right?

So what do you think, should I do before & afters more often on social?

Let's talk about your next photo session!

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